Calculators and Tutorials


The Desmos Scientific and Graphing calculators have been customized for AzMERIT and are embedded in online tests that allow the use of a calculator. The AzMERIT Desmos Calculator document includes resources for students and identifies the functions that have been disabled on the Desmos calculators for use on the AzMERIT test. Select a calculator link below to practice using one of the calculators. These same calculators are also available in Grades 7 and 8 and EOC Math Sample Tests.



Item type tutorials show users how to navigate the items and tools available while taking an online assessment. While testing, item type tutorials are accessible to students throughout the assessment. Students can review the tutorials here to become familiar with the different item types that may appear on an assessment.

Descriptions of the item types are provided below. Click an item type to view its tutorial.

This item type displays a basic numeric keypad or a full array of mathematical operators, symbols, and functions that must be used to demonstrate an answer. To complete the item, the student must navigate the tool keypad.

This item type has a multi-part question related to the accompanying passage shown on the left. All parts must be answered before proceeding to the next question.

This item type is interactive and allows the student to use a number of mechanisms to demonstrate an answer. Mechanisms include dragging and dropping objects to different sections of the answer space, highlighting or selecting different sections of a given graphic in the answer space, plotting points and creating lines and shapes with action buttons provided at the top of the answer space, or a combination of these mechanisms.

This item type gives the student the ability to highlight or move text. Words or groups of words can be selected, dragged, and rearranged. The student may also have the ability to highlight specific words or phrases.

This item type allows the student to click within a table to classify concepts, statements, values, etc., according to the categories available.

This item type lists a selection of possible answers. The student may select multiple answer choices.

This item type lists a selection of possible answers. The student must select only one to indicate an answer choice.

Constructed Response

This item type provides a box for the student to freely type an answer in.

This item type provides a box for the student to freely type a written response. An editing tool bar may be provided with options to format an essay.

Editing Tasks

This item type has text highlighted that may need to be corrected. To complete the item, the student will be able to click the highlighted section and select a correction from a drop-down list of suggested options.