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Summer/Fall 2017 Special Paper Version Supplemental Instructions /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/SPV-Supplemental-Instructions.pdf
The Special Paper Version Supplemental Instructions provide support for administering AzMERIT EOC Special Paper Version tests in Summer or Fall 2017, specifically using the Data Entry Interface (DEI) and Returning Materials to Measurement Incorporated (MI).
Test Coordinator Manual Summer/Fall 2017 /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/SUFA17_AZ_TCM_Test_Directions_WEB-1.pdf
This document provides support for District Test Coordinators administering AzMERIT tests in Summer or Fall 2017 (Revised August 2017).
DTC Important Tasks Checklist Spring 2018 /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/AzMERIT-Spring2018-DTCChklst-508.pdf
This document provides District Test Coordinators with a list of important tasks and dates associated with the Spring 2018 AzMERIT test administration.
Summer/Fall 2017 TAD EOC /core/fileparse.php/1972/urlt/SUFA17_AZ_EOC_Test_Directions_WEB-1.pdf
The Test Administration Directions (TAD) are for administering the Summer and Fall 2017 AzMERIT EOC tests (Revised August 2017).