• On April 21st, your schools may have experienced issues with connecting to AIR’s systems (TA Interface, Secure Browser, TIDE, or ORS). AIR is diligently working to get the issue resolved. Due to this problem, we will extend the Writing Test window through Monday, April, 24. This will also include the entry for the Writing into DEI.

    Students who were testing on April 21st in Writing and were logged out will be able to have their tests reopened on Monday to continue testing. A Test Impropriety must be submitted by Monday morning to have the tests reopened. All other test sessions that need to be reopened should have the Test Impropriety submitted on the morning students will be testing. Please include in your Test Impropriety the comment, “April 21 Connection Issue.”

    Added April 25, 2017
  • Some users are having trouble reaching AIR servers. The servers are functioning normally, but there appears to be a problem reaching the servers. When contacting a server over the internet, the first step is to look up the address of the server, and this step is sometimes failing. AIR is currently researching the problem.

    Added April 21, 2017
  • The Julie voice pack text-to speech license agreement was recently renewed and extended. However, the current Julie voice pack license file (verification.txt file) will expire on May 3, 2017. To continue using the Julie voice pack after May 3, 2017, you must either install a new license file or install a new version of the Julie voice pack on the Windows student testing devices. Instructions for both options are available on the Download Voice Pack page (under General Resources) after logging into TIDE.

    Added April 19, 2017
  • AzMERIT Test Windows for School Year 2016–2017

    Spring 2017 AzMERIT 3–8 and EOC


    Writing Test – March 27 or March 28

    Reading & Math Tests – March 27–April 7


    Writing Test – March 27–April 21

    Grade 3 Reading & Math Tests – March 27–April 28

    Reading & Math Tests (except Grade 3) –  March 27–May 4

    Summer 2017 AzMERIT EOC – CBT only

    Writing Test – June 12–July 21

    Reading & Math Tests – June 12–July 27

    Added December 6, 2016


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