• ADE is happy to announce that LEAs can now print out Individual Student Reports in Spanish through the Individual Student Report, Student Listing Page, and Retrieve Student Results sections of Online Reporting System (ORS). To download Individual Student Reports in Spanish, select Spanish from the Language dropdown menu in the dialogue box before proceeding with downloading or printing.

    Added June 1, 2017
  • Grade 4 through EOC student results are now available in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Grade 4 through EOC paper reports will be delivered to districts/charters on June 20-21.

    AzMERIT Grade 3 student results are now available in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Grade 3 paper reports have been delivered to districts/charters.

    For any corrections to student reports, please notify ADE ( by June 30.

    Added May 25, 2017
  • The Julie voice pack text-to speech license agreement was recently renewed and extended. However, the current Julie voice pack license file (verification.txt file) will expire on May 3, 2017. To continue using the Julie voice pack after May 3, 2017, you must either install a new license file or install a new version of the Julie voice pack on the Windows student testing devices. Instructions for both options are available on the Download Voice Pack page (under General Resources) after logging into TIDE.

    Added April 19, 2017
  • AzMERIT Test Windows for School Year 2016–2017


    Summer 2017 AzMERIT EOC – CBT only

    Writing Test – June 12–July 21

    Reading & Math Tests – June 12–July 27

    Added May 8, 2017


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